The Band Played On

After the wonderful meal we had today at La Glorieta de Enrique’s, we thought we would head back for dinner. There’s one thing really different about Mexican businesses. The hours aren’t quite the same as in the states. I’m sure eventually I’d discover what each places regular hours are but being here such a short time that hasn’t been possible yet. Plan B was the highly recommended Tacos On The Street. We had a map and Google Maps and we walked by where it was supposed to be but we weren’t having much luck. I tried asking a couple of people but the language barrier prevailed. I saw a lady behind a chained fence of a house and she spoke english and asked what we were looking for.  She said yes Tacos On The Street was her business but she was only open Wed-Sun. Disappointed, we ended up back at the Langosta Diez La Cruz restaurant. This time stone fired pizza was in my sights. I told the manager I had given them a 5 star review on Trip Advisor and after each of us polishing off our pizzas he gave us each a shot of tequila on the house. Stuffed to the gills and with a couple of Pacificio beers and the tequila we started making our way back to the boat.  As we got close to the main Plaza it was clear that there was some festivities just beginning so we made our way through the crowd to where there was a stage set up with a performance going on. This was about 9pm and from what I could gather it’s the celebration of the Patron Saint Santa Cruz that the town was named for. Below are a couple of videos of some of the festivities.  We were awakened at 5:30 am this morning with a barrage of fireworks with another round at 6:30 am apparently related to the celebration.  I was told to expect the same this morning.  As I write this post at 2 am I can still hear the music from the Plaza hence my still being up at this hour. Another full day and I’m anxious to see what new adventure awaits me next.

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