Estamos En El Paraiso


Which means we’re in paradise.  And we are actually in Paraiso! That’s the name of the bay we are anchoring in tonight.  That’s a little resort on the beach but it appears to be unoccupied at the moment so we have this beautiful little bay to ourselves.

After leaving Puerto Vallarta we had great sailing until just before dark and then the wind died for the most part. We had pulled into Yelapa and considered anchoring there but the swell, wind and crowded little anchorage made us change our mind.


Thibault has been diligently building homemade fishing lures and refining his technique and was finally rewarded thanks to his persistence with this Dorado. He fried it up and we had quite the feast!


We got into Paraiso about 2:30 and will spend the night and probably continue south in the morning.

One thought on “Estamos En El Paraiso

  1. Rhonda says:

    Happy for you amigos!


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