Bird Brain

If you haven’t gotten the fact by now that I’m really crazy about the birds, this should give you some idea. Here are the swallows that in every port we’ve gone into in Pacific Mexico have started greeting us as soon as we start getting close to shore.

In Paraiso the pelicans were feeding all day long non stop. Every time they’d hit the water several seagulls would come flying in to try and steal the pelicans target if it missed I’m assuming. Love the pelicans and they are everywhere.

This is a boobie I think! He tried numerous times to land on the spar and on the top of the mast which was swaying too and fro. I wouldn’t have minded if he landed on the spar and if the boat was pitching so much I wouldn’t have worried about him landing on the top of the mast. With it swinging back and forth I was worried he would damage one of my instruments. You can see in the one picture where he kind of got into topping lift line.

This gull followed us for about a half an hour. He’d fly up land by the boat and once we’d sailed a couple of hundred yards or so he’d fly back and land again right beside us. I thought maybe he was after a treat but I threw some bread in the water and he was extremely apprehensive about it and wouldn’t go near it. Experiencing the wildlife is absolutely fascinating.

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