Mexico continues to shatter, exceed and supersede any preconceived notions I had before arriving. I’d never heard of Huatulco before planning my trip south and I’m amazed because it is another absolute hidden gem that I could have never expected. If you read the Wiki link you’ll find that it’s current state is relatively new. A quiet sleepy little town until In 1984, FONATUR (Fondo Nacional de Turismo), a government agency dedicated to the development of tourism in Mexico, acquired 21,000 hectares of land to develop a tourism center, similar to that in Cancún. The existing population was relocated to Santa María Huatulco. The plan resulted in the improvement of roadways and other infrastructure. It also has populated areas mixed with “green zones” to make the area ecologically friendlier.

It’s the hottest time of year here and I’m not lying when I use the word stifling to describe the heat. That be what it may, it’s somewhere I’m sure I’ll return to explore further when I have the time. There is so much history here with Mayan and Aztec ruins, Spanish conquistadors, Hernan Cortes, Francis Drake and more that unfortunately I just don’t have the time due to my visa expiring to explore.

We’re departing for Chiapas tomorrow afternoon and from everything I’ve read it’s another little known paradise to the larger world. I consider the possibility of calling somewhere in this area home someday . There is quite a large Canadian expat community that migrates back and forth depending on seasons and I can see why. It’s so beautiful and lush and it gets even lusher and greener when the rainy season comes soon. The boat would require a/c though if it ever comes to that.

2 thoughts on “Huatulco

  1. Jack says:

    MET – I’m loving getting your living geography lessons about Mexico! I’ve learned about places I never knew existed thanks to you mi amigo! Keep on keeping on! Hasta Luego!


  2. friedfish says:

    Hola Jacko! Yea it’s fascinating. The most amazing adventure of my life! It’s not all peaches and cream I’m not going to lie, but as I say the rewards are worth the price. Glad you’re along on the journey. Hope life’s treating you well my friend!


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