Upon entering the bay at Chiapas one of the first things I noticed was this guy. I’m assuming it’s helping the Mexican government’s war on drugs because it’s a long ways from home. I’d say like me, but I don’t really have a home so to speak anymore. In the legendary words of Buckaroo Bonzai, “no matter where you go, there you are”.IMG_1176The most modern Mexican naval ship I’ve seen yet.IMG_1177Sights along the way to the marina.IMG_1178IMG_1179IMG_1180IMG_1181Where old fishing boats go to sink I’m assuming!IMG_1183IMG_1184

Being the furthest and last port south in Mexico, the Mexican navy brings a dog on board to sniff for drugs and full documentation. There were 8 members not counting the dog and 3 of them were holding assault rifles. They were extremely polite and we passed inspection without any problems! The pic below is of them inspecting another boat that had just arrived prior to coming over and inspecting Desiderata.IMG_1185

After passing inspection I went up and filled out all the paperwork necessary to stay in the marina and then we headed up to a nearby restaurant. In the open slip next to the boat we saw these rays swimming in formation.20160519_173405.jpg

The food was incredible with the waiter making fresh salsa followed by my shrimp wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese and smothered in a wonderful Italian style sauce and some of the best spinach I’ve ever had.20160519_175946.jpg20160519_180317.jpg20160519_180313.jpg

After 9 months, over 4,000 miles and numerous interesting and fascinating first time experiences this pretty much closes the first chapter of my adventure. The next few days will be spent getting the boat ready for dry dock and figuring out logistics to get to Costa Rica. There is an international airport nearby where I’ll catch a flight to Liberia and then make my way to Playa Hermosa (Beautiful Beach) to meet up with Cecilia who I will stay with for the next 4-5 months and start working on my second chapter. I’m having serious issues with carpal tunnel in my left hand and have already found a doctor in Costa Rica that will perform the surgery for $1,200 or 2-3 months of insurance premiums in the states. I can only stay in Costa Rica for 3 months before I have to exit the country for 72 hrs. I’m probably going to go to Nicaragua for a few days or fly back to Chiapas for a week or so to do some exploring. I’ll return to Costa Rica to stay until I determine when I’ll be reuniting with Desi. Peace and love to all the folks back home! ><((:>

5 thoughts on “Chiapas

  1. Bob says:

    So exciting, the Coast Guard ship looks similar or the same as one in Puerto Vallarta marina on the 18th. I’m still envious and jealous and waiting to hear about your journey to Costa Rica. While I was at LAX I met a young man from Nicaragua he had so many great things to say about his country and sounded like a great experience in it’s self. Tell Tebo good luck and hopefully meet again some day. See you in Playa Hermosa


  2. lou says:

    looks like a neat chapter 2 thanks for sharing looking forward to talking to you soon yf lou


    • friedfish says:

      might be awhile Lou. so far it looks like in Costa Rica phone service isn’t very affordable for international calls. .50 /minute is the best I can see so far. Hopefully I can find better when I get there. as always I really appreciate the kind words


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