Tropical Squall At Playa Linda Hotel

We got a room at the Playa Linda Hotel so we could sleep in a cool and dry environment for a change. It’s a beautiful hotel but it’s at the “end of the road” so internet and cellular are spotty and it’s far away from any gringo tourist areas. We were both so excited to have air conditioning for the whole night instead of going into marina offices, stores and restaurants where it was available. It has a pool which we were excited about as well. We got to our room, fired up the a/c, got our suits on and headed straight for the pool. The temperature of the water in the pool was as warm or warmer than the air temp. It did feel good to wash off the sweaty slime, but it wasn’t very refreshing. The ocean was a short distance away so off we headed to the beach! We got in the ocean and there wasn’t much difference. From what little research I’ve done the ocean temperature is 88 so once again we were denied that refreshing feeling we were anticipating. We still swam for awhile in spite of the strong swell and surge. Back to the room we headed and our cool chilly relief from the heat finally came. About 11 pm we started hearing this pitter patter on the roof and then the sound of thunder. Soon it started doing as you see in the video. I missed catching the most intense lightning because I remembered I’d left the windows open on the boat. My worst fears started running through my mind. There is a small window just off to the side of where my electrical panel is in the boat that I have my wifi extender running from and all I could think of was what was it going to cost to replace all my electrical. I could also envision the water coming in my numerous windows and soaking my clothes, boat cushions and making an absolute mess of things. It was so late and the marina is about 10 miles from where we were and walking in the dark in a downpour didn’t appeal to me. The storm moved on and we went back in and tried to sleep. About 10 minutes later the power went out with the a/c but came on a couple of minutes later. About 10 minutes after that it went out again and this time didn’t come back on. A bit later I heard some commotion below on the ground floor and I headed down to see what was going on. I see the manager of the hotel Mario who speaks very little english pulling on the cord of a large generator over and over while talking on speaker phone to someone. They were both laughing away while Mario would pull, pull, pull and then try the choke on, repeat pull, pull, pull choke off, repeat. I turned the light on my phone to see if I could see anything that was obvious. Meanwhile Mario and his friend were talking and laughing. Eventually Mario opens the cap on the gas tank and it was bone dry! He walked over to a storage shed where there were numerous gas cans and the first couple were dry, but he finally found a couple that had gas in them. I helped him empty both cans into the tanks and the generator fired right up. It only was big enough to run the lights, fans and wifi but not the a/c. After getting it going I asked him was it possible to get a taxi. Having used google translator to look up the word window I was able to get him to understand my dilemma. Eventually he was able to get me a cab and off to the marina to check on Desiderata I went. There was a considerable amount of water in places where the windows were but I was able to towel it all up without any damage. I stayed on the boat that night because there was no way I was going to find a taxi to bring me back. It hadn’t rained in almost the entire 5 months I’d been in Mexico and the only night we had gotten an a/c room, both of us were denied. When Thibault got to the boat the next day he told me the power still wasn’t back on. I emailed the owner of the hotel later that day and she informed me that the power was back on and things were back to normal and that we would finally be able to enjoy the elusive a/c we had been desperately seeking. What a crazy night and absolutely amazing storm!

3 thoughts on “Tropical Squall At Playa Linda Hotel

  1. Rhonda says:

    Looks like things haven’t changed Mr. Forgetful! I can only picture Mario laughing though……makes me crack up at the whole scenario!


  2. Rhonda says:

    can’t wait!


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