Desiderata On The Hard

Got up early Monday morning and walked down the road from Hotel Playa Linda to catch a cab back to the marina to get Desi ready for going on the hard. It was a long hot day thanks to the high temperature and humidity. Got her out of the water and put a couple of tarps over her and then went to the office to pay so we could get to our hotel in Tapachula. I was waiting for the manager, but they told me he was meeting with some clients at the restaurtant. I noticed the air conditioner was off in the office but didn’t think anything of it initially. After about an hour or so of waiting and talking with other boaters the manager came in and I asked him if he wanted to get paid. He says the power is off so I can’t run the credit card did I want to come back later that day or wait on the boat. Neither of these were a good option since one would cost double taxi fare and with the boat all sealed up it was an oven. Not the best option but Enrique has been very professional and I’ve read numerous positive reviews regarding him and Marina Chiapas online. Off to the Loma Real Hotel in Tapachula we went. It is a beautiful hotel that overlooks the city. We got there just in time to take a dip in the pool which was much cooler than Hotel Playa Linda. There were about 3 or 4 thunderstorms that rolled through so once again I’m glad to be off the water.

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