San Jose, Costa Rica

Up early again on Tuesday, said my goodbyes to Thibault and we both set off on the next part of each of our adventures. He was heading inland to explore the ruins and colonial cities of Chiapas whilst I caught a cab to the airport to catch a flight from Tapachula to Mexico City. It was only a 2 hr flight but then I had about a 7 hr layover in Mexico City. The time went quickly as I just wandered around the airport and people watched. When I went to check in for my flight to San Jose they told me I needed to go to Immigration to check out since I had come in by boat. I started to worry because I hadn’t thought to bring any of my boat documentation. Fortunately it wasn’t necessary and I just had to pay 300 pesos. A thunderstorm rolled in just as the flight was about to depart and the ride was a bit bumpy with flashing from the lightning all around us but we made it into San Jose right on time. The temperature was in the low 70’s which was quite nice after the heat and humidity I’d just come from. I was worried about being cold since I was in shorts and a t-shirt but it was very comfortable. Angela had arranged for her nephew to pick me up but apparently he had a scheduling conflict and his father German (pronounced Herman in espanol), Angela’s brother in law came instead. He looks intimidating in the picture but as all smiles when we met in the airport! What a great guy! We hit if off right off the bat and  he drove me to an ATM to get some Costa Rican Colon’s and dropped me off at the beautiful Soluxe El Sesteo Hotel that Angela had booked for me. $1 us is $535 colons! I’ve got $150,000 colons in my wallet!! The landscaping here at the hotel is absolutely gorgeous. Each of the doors to the rooms are beautiful wood carvings of some Central American theme. I just had the complimentary breakfast of fresh pineapple, guava, watermelon, black beans & rice with hot dogs, toast with coffee and juice. German Jr will be coming to pick me up in an hour and take me to the bus that will take me to Cecilia. Since they have great wifi and I have no cellular nor any idea when I’ll have any kind of internet or cellular service again I seized the moment to get these posts uploaded. If you want to text me a good option if I get wifi is WhatsApp. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s kind of like Skype without the video and it’s been downloaded a billion times. Until the next connection that’s all for now. Can’t wait to see if there are really howler monkeys in the backyard!

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