Cecilia’s Casa

There’s no doubt in my mind that this chapter is going to exceed any expectations I may have had and those original expectations were very high. Cecilia has a small house but she works very hard to keep it neat, clean, comfortable and well organized. I’m slowly but surely learning her ways and am doing my best to lighten her load in any way I can. I’m so grateful to my friend Angela for arranging this and equally grateful to Cecilia for her generosity in allowing me to stay here with her!
I’m quickly learning her daily routine which starts around 6 am. She gets up and does laundry, sweeps the walkways and house. I’m taking over the yard work and anything else I can help with as I learn her ways. She prepares a breakfast consisting of coffee, fresh juice from melons, fresh guava and/or papaya, fried eggs, rice and black beans served with toast and then after doing the dishes which I’ve taken on we go swimming in the ocean. She’s a wonderful cook! Last night we had meatballs and sauce served over pasta. For lunch she sautéed a lb of shrimp for me with leftover mashed potatoes. She had  leftover chicken and rice because she likes jumbo shrimp much better than the small ones. You know me. Any shrimp is a good shrimp!
I finally figured out one of the sounds I was hearing and it turns out to be geckos! They make a high pitched “barking” sound! The wildlife is incredibly rich and diverse. Birds with beautiful and melodic songs are bountiful. I’ve seen squirrels, numerous ground crabs burrowed all over the yard, some kind of white squirrel, geckos and lizards. The howler monkeys can be heard through out the day but I’ve yet to see them other than far off in the distance. A couple of young ladies stopped by to see Cecilia yesterday and it turns out one of them is the director of a group that monitors the monkeys to track their welfare. I asked how they were doing and she informed me that their numbers are increasing. In the last few years the troop has increased from 40 to 75. She invited me to come with them next Tuesday to change batteries in the video cameras they use to monitor them and download footage from the cameras. I’m pretty excited as you can imagine!
There is a wide variety of insects consisting of ants, mosquitos, moths and beautiful butterflies. When we were swimming at the beach yesterday I saw what must have been a hundred of them. Not to mention the crickets chirping at night in tune with the waves crashing on the shore. The water temperature isn’t as warm as it was in Chiapas or Huatulco and if you stay in long enough you will actually start to get cool. It feels great because you can swim anytime of day which I do usually twice a day.
The yard has a wide array of trees and plants. Many of them are in bloom now and I expect more will blossom when the rain comes.
I’ll try and get more pictures as the opportunites arise. Come to find out I have a better Internet option than I realized. Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Cecilia’s Casa

  1. Bob says:

    Cecilia sound’s like a wonderful person. Just reading your stories makes my blood pressure drop and confirms my dreams of living in Costa Rica would be the best way to live life. Enjoy


    • friedfish says:

      Bring lots of $$ it is expensive unless you live like the locals. I’m paying $600 a month. I can’t imagine what it would be if I was doing this as a tourist.


  2. steve pierson says:

    Hey Marty, This is Rod Harris… If you think real hard you may remember me from your prior life of toil and stress. Im glad you are doing well. Take care.


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