In Paradise Once Again

All along the way I’ve seen beautiful places. Each with it’s own unique feel and beauty. Here at Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica I’m experiencing it in a way that I haven’t yet experienced. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe I’m actually living here! It’s so tranquil and peaceful! Most of the wildlife I’ve seen up until now was marine life. Here it is mostly land based and it is rich and diverse. So many bird calls, hundreds of butterflies at times, insects galore and finally sightings of the infamous howler monkeys in a tree near the house! I’ve heard them since I got here but finally got my first glimpse yesterday. I’ll try to get a recording of their sound when I get a chance.

As I stated in an earlier post it was very hot and humid when I first arrived. After the second day the clouds and rain have been making frequent appearances which helps with the heat and humidity dramatically. I never thought I’d see the day when I would wish for rain and clouds but as in many other ways I’m doing and trying things I never dreamed of trying before.

I’m starting to meet lot’s of people and believe before my time is done I’ll have made many new friends. One is Carlos the “pescado”. As I mentioned earlier he comes out for a swim every evening Mon-Fri for a swim. He swims out so far I lose sight of him and I’m truly amazed. He has helped me with getting good Internet and is a wealth of information on ways I can live here cheaply if I desired to do so. Many things are expensive here in Costa Rica but if you can sacrifice American made products and the luxurious American lifestyle it’s quite affordable. He owns a fruit stand and I think he does very well with it. I’ve offered to work for him for payment in fresh fruit. He’s going to take me on a tour next week and is looking for an inexpensive car for me to buy. Cecilia doesn’t drive and has no air conditioning but she has 20 fans according to my initial count and is constantly placing them strategically around the house wherever we may be. With a car I’ll obviously be able to explore more territory. I’m really looking forward to getting to know him better because I know how much he can teach me. I also met an American tourist Jojo that is staying here for a month who dives and hopefully with her help I can get in some diving. I met Cecilia’s older sister Pili and her partner, both political science majors and her brother. I also met Lucy this morning at 9 am when I was out on the road taking pictures of the monkeys. A beer in hand she was in a very good mood and very nice! Quite the colorful character. She lives a couple of houses down. I’m still struggling to understand Cecilia but I’m finding I’m hearing many more words when she talks to me than I did at first. My Espanol is coming slowly but surely. I’m so used to getting everything when I want it and it’s a good lesson in patience and perseverance to not be able to attain everything so readily. Having a wonderful time and wish you all were here.

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