Rolling Without Healthcare


I had my first medical issue since dropping my Healthcare in January. My carpal tunnel was getting worse and something had to be done.  Yesterday Cecilia’s sister drove me to the hospital to see what my options were. There wasn’t an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital at that time but the receptionist gave us the number of one that worked at the hospital. I called him and he spoke English. I explained my situation and asked him when the earliest he could do the surgery. He said he would check his schedule and call me back in 5 minutes which he did. He said he could do it that night at 7 so I told him to bring the pain! All of the staff were very professional and kind! Several of them spoke english which made it more comfortable in a somewhat strange and foreign environment. The procedure was done professionally in a clean modern hospital and the cost came out to $1,800 us. It was $600 more than a Dr I was consulting with in San Jose but I would have had to taken a 5 hr bus trip one way and spend a couple of nights in San Jose which would have been most inconvenient. The Dr gave me both of his telephone numbers and told me to call him today to let him know how I was doing. I was very impressed with the care I received. I’m also touched and overwhelmed by the kindness of Cecilia and her family. No swimming for 10 days which is a huge disappointment and I’ll be neglecting my household duties which causes me some guilt but it was really starting to bother me so I’m happy to put that behind me. Not to mention what better way to convalesce than sitting on a beautiful unpopulated tropical beach reading my beloved books! La vida es buena!

2 thoughts on “Rolling Without Healthcare

  1. Jack says:

    Cura rapidamente mi amigo!
    I’m sitting here at BWI airport eating Maryland crab cakes and I’m still jealous of your adventure 😎 I’m also very happy you’ve found your place in the sun🌞🌞🌞 thank you Pablo Cruz!
    Take care Marty!


    • friedfish says:

      Mucho Gracias mi hermano! Showing your age with that Pablo reference. Them crab cakes sound muy bueno! Like I say I have to pinch myself sometimes. If I didn’t have bill’s and other normal daily problems I’d think I had died and gone to “heaven”. Thanks for the kind thoughts,. Warm regards mi amigo!


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