Mi Jefe Es Un Controlador Esclavo

That means my boss is a slave driver! I’ve been working around the house for Cecilia and that’s what I tell her. She just cackles away. She loves to laugh and knows I’m only joking.
Yesterday I took the bus to Sardinal to see my friend Carlos la Pescado. Or Carlos the Fish. He was really helpful in getting me set up with Internet and I told him if he needed any help at the store I’d be happy to help for free. He took me to task and I ended up sweeping, mopping and restocking fruits and vegetables. I told him mi jefe es un controlador enclave too and he just laughed. There was a steady stream of customers. I met several of them and they were extremely pleasant and nice to talk to.
Sardinal is the administrative center of the district of Sardinal which has a population of 16, 500. It was one of the most interesting days of my journey so far! The bus stop is located at the center of town where there is a large beautiful park with colorful benches, beautiful fruit trees and flowers with paved walkways all around. There were numerous groups of people sitting around conversing and relaxing. I’ve never experienced such a tranquil place before. There are a quite a few stores located around the park and people were going about doing their daily business. Many on bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, afoot and a few cars.
It was quite an adventurous day!
Carlos cooked up a chicken and rice soup that was really good! He let me sample some honey he has for sale and I swear it was the sweetest I’ve ever tasted! It was about 3 pm and I was going to bundle up the large bag of fruit and vegetables I’d bought from Carlos for Cecilia and catch the bus home. Bus fare is about 60 cents for 15 mile trip. A lady named Karla came into the store that I had seen jogging on the bus ride to Sardinal. She lives in Playa Hermosa and Carlos asked her if she would mind giving me a ride back. She was very kind and was happy to do it. Her car was a small import with no passenger seat in the front so I placed my large bag of fruits and vegetables in the front passenger seat spot and sat back in the back seat which was actually very comfortable since I could stretch my long legs out. It was quite an enjoyable trip home while Karla blasted Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams out on the stereo and other classic 80’s soft rock. I hadn’t been home long when the skies started to darken and a huge storm rolled in with lightning tearing through the sky within a mile of us. Cecilia was dressed up and had plans to go visit some friends nearby. The storm hadn’t completely abated but was starting to taper off when out the door she went into the rain with her umbrella in hand. She had left me with some delicious lasagna and a tomato and broccoli salad in oil, vinegar and herbs which I devoured for my dinner. I really love this lady and I think the feeling is mutual. I think she enjoys the company and the help which I try to give wherever possible. She thinks I understand way more Spanish than I really do because she is talking to me constantly and laughing away all the while. Before she left I translated “You sure you’re not going to see one of your boyfriends?” to which she just started laughing away! Then I told her “Don’t be coming sneaking in after dark!” And she just howled again. I couldn’t have ended up with a better person and things are truly exceedingly all my expectations.






One of 2 crabs that got in the house this day


one hombre that didn’t

2 thoughts on “Mi Jefe Es Un Controlador Esclavo

  1. Rhonda says:

    Happy for you Marty!


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