Plan G


My view on my morning stroll

Or was it F or H?!?! It may come as a surprise to some but I’m putting Desiderata up for sale. It was the greatest adventure I’ve ever had but all I was really looking for was an inexpensive alternative so I could retire early. The sailing experience was awesome and I saw and did things I never imagined, but with the weather changing as it is and the unknown variables associated with a sailboat and weather I’m going to take the easier route. Costa Rica is the place I’ve decided. I’ve checked out housing options and found it to be quite affordable. There is so much to see and do here with something like 5 volcanoes, one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world which hosts vasts amounts of wildlife, tossed in with miles and miles of beautiful pristine beaches to explore and what’s not to love. Healthcare is very affordable and once I establish residency I can get some pretty cheap insurance from what I understand.The people are genuine and nice and though it’s hot and humid, I prefer it to wet and dry. The ocean is readily accessible and I truly feel like I’m in paradise. Not to mention it’s alive here and the afternoon thunderstorms are exceptionally cool!! Mother nature at her finest! I’m actually flying back to WA on Aug 13 for 2 weeks when I have to leave the country before my Costa Rican Visa expires. There is some documentation I need to take care of in order to prepare to get my residency visa and I really want to see my boy and friends. Hope I can see as many of you as possible and once I get back and situated in my own place, hopefully some of you will come visit me in this tropical paradise I’m calling home. Until next time. Hasta luego!

4 thoughts on “Plan G

  1. Jack says:

    MET – looks like you’ve fou your Shangra La! I’ve heard Costa Rica is a wonderful place – congrats! How is your surgical repaired hand doing? Keep blogging mi amigo!


    • friedfish says:

      Hola Jack! Fly into Liberia for a couple of days if you’re in the hood. You’d love it. Hand like the Español is coming along a little each day. Que la vaya bien!


  2. George says:

    Wow, what a surprise! But I can understand your liking Costa Rica…. Good luck!


    • friedfish says:

      Yea I guess I’m not a true seaman! I really enjoyed it but I think I like a bit more normalcy in my life 😉 And Costa Rica is paradise! Hope you are well!


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