Touring Around With Cecilia

This girl wakes up in the morning and she starts going. We had to go to Filedelphia on Tuesday and then to Coco Beach on Wed so she could get a new Social Security card. It is so interesting to see these places because we are traveling by bus everywhere. Numerous times while waiting on buses people have stopped and picked us up and given us a ride. There is no tourism in Filedelphia and these are the places I enjoy seeing the most. Coco Beach has the most tourism but it’s nothing like the ports I stopped in in Mexico. Still the more I see, the more I’m convinced Playa Hermosa is where I’m going to settle down. It’s the low season now so there isn’t a lot of tourism but it is the most perfect beach I’ve ever seen. It’s really starting to green up now with the rains coming daily. Here’s some pictures I took on our two journeys and some others I’ve taken here around the casa. Oh and I found out last night there are fireflies or lightning bugs! How much cooler does it get?!?! 🐝

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