Playa Bonito

On Sunday Cecilia wanted to take me to see Playa Bonito. It’s north of us about 7 kilometers. I’m not even going to get into the conversions. Suffice to say I prefer Playa Hermosa. I’ve yet to find a more beautiful beach. As it is I’m struggling with Espanol! It’s not coming nearly as quickly as I thought. Fortunately there are a good number of people that speak English but it’s still going to be necessary in order to truly integrate here. Cecilia still thinks I understand way more than I do because she tells me stories that I’m only getting bits of pieces of and then she just laughs like crazy. Still in all I’m learning new words everyday and when you basically have to learn every word it gets a little intimidating and discouraging. Others have told me though it will eventually snap and I’ll start hearing it.The main thing I’m focusing on is that for the first time in a very long time I have almost zero responsibility. I can’t even begin to explain what a pleasure that is. My goals are to go swimming at least twice a day, hopefully see some new critter and other than that chill. I’m researching what is necessary to get my pensioner visa for Costa Rica so when I come back in August I’ll be able to get all the documents necessary. I’m really looking forward to when I get back and getting my own place and a car. I’m really thankful for everything Cecilia has done for me and the warm hospitality she’s shown me, but she has her own schedule and I have mine. Not to mention I lived alone for over 20 years. Enough about all that stuff. The beach is calling and this beach thing requires a lot of time and energy.  More pictures from my travels.  Enjoy! I certainly am 😉

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