Tico Life From A Non Tico


Bear in mind in this next part I’m not complaining. I’m merely stating the differences I see in the world I left behind and the one I currently inhabit. I’m experiencing things I haven’t seen or experienced in the longest periods of my life if ever before. Foremost is the fact that there is no air conditioning and even more significant I don’t have a car. I haven’t eaten any fast food in the longest period since I was a child and I’ve washed more dishes than in my entire life. Nobody has a mailbox though you can get a PO Box in Coco Beach. I’ve spoken less English than at any time in my life. Most people walk to the store or take the bus. I walk a lot too but me, I’m getting a car. The bus was fun to start with but like with riding a scooter, what’s starts as fun starts losing its luster real fast. Not to mention there are these relentless little gnats swarming around your face and there is no telling how long till the next bus comes. You are at the mercy of the sun, clouds or rain. Most of the time it’s pretty comfortable. It’s those times when the wind dies and the sun isn’t shaded by the clouds that it gets hot and humid. This is when it’s prudent to get in the water which is a perfect temperature and provides instant relief. The beach has one of if not the most gentle drop offs I’ve ever seen and the surf is rarely more than a foot or two. It is the off season so the beach is never crowded though the first 2 weeks of July are a national holiday so I’ll get to witness one of the “peak” seasons soon. Another difference is that 3 weeks ago when I got here I started buying Coke Zero at the local minute mart. After 2 weeks I depleted their entire stock and it still hasn’t been replenished. I keep thinking it’s selling, let’s sell more but for some reason that’s not factoring into the equation. The things that are important in the US just aren’t as important here. It’s really nice in a so many ways. Being happy and tranquil is the important thing and how can you argue with that? Don’t let the off season scare you off. It’s cheaper, the sun still shines and the water is warm and inviting. Toss in some of the most amazing sunsets you’ve ever seen and you can’t come away unimpressed.

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