Happy Quatro de Julio

It’s been almost the busiest week since I arrived here. We had house guests for 2 nights. Miguel and Nataly from somewhere near San Jose from what I could gather. Miguel is 62 and Nataly is in her 30’s I’m guessing. I thought they were father and daughter until I asked Cecilia about it. Apparently it’s common for old guys to marry younger ladies here. I best be on my guard! Really nice people and I really enjoyed Miguel.He really understands global politics which is a subject dear to my heart. Part of the reason they came is to give Cecilia a ride to San Jose as her sister is having complications from chemotherapy for liver cancer. From what I could get from Cecilia she is in no danger just very uncomfortable and can’t walk due to the chemo. I end up getting to spend a week solo for the first time in months. Have to admit I’m really enjoying it listening to my music while I type this post and not having a regiment to follow as my Landlordess rigidly follows. I’m not complaining because I get fed 3 great meals a day thanks to her daily routine not to mention she is one of the hardest working, nicest, easygoing and most congenial people I’ve ever met. I love her like a sister.We are slowly getting to where we actually communicate and we were making constant jokes about Nataly always wanting me to take her picture and about the age difference between them. There’s a couple next door that the man is 64 and his wife is like 35! Pretty happy solamente so no worries there.

Earlier in the week I had started my residency process and part of that was to set up a bank account. I do have an account now and I have cards that I can use for dollars or colones. I can only deposit $1,500/month in it for now but in a year I’ll have all of the options your regularly have at a bank. I have to admit it’s been a real pain at times trying to get money. Just after I left they implemented the new credit cards with microchips and my debit card doesn’t have that so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The fees associated with drawing money on a credit card are ridiculous that’s why I’m diligently working to get that end of things cleaned up. My trip to Longview will resolve many of these issues but for now it’s pretty frustrating. German is financing $5000 for me on the car until I get back to the states and wire it to him because I can’t wire from my bank to his due to the restrictions. I did get my car which is a 1999 Geo Tracker. Pretty excited about that because I’ll be able to get around much more efficiently. I had to take German to Liberia to catch a bus and I got lost on the way back and ended up taking an extra 40 minutes to get back home. It wasn’t a bad thing because I got to see a lot of country I haven’t seen. The back roads are virtually empty and then you’ll come pulling up on some beautiful resort on some remote little cove out in the middle of what seems like nowhere. It’s pretty comical because the grackles see themselves in the mirror and get pretty agitated about “another” gackle being in their neighborhood. I can’t see it at the moment but I can hear some kind of palm wood pecker tapping away in search of camida! The bird life is truly spectacular.20160704_075158.jpg20160703_141220.jpg

It’s like spring break here for the next 2 weeks and the beach was the fullest I’ve seen it. It’s really cool to see how the families and friends come out to enjoy the beach during these holidays. I’m up at 6:30 every morning and I walked over to the neighbor’s deck that overlooks the water to take advantage of their wifi and I noticed one of the garbage cans that was knocked over with contents littered all about. By 8 am somehow had already come and cleaned it up. Yesterday I saw a small group of people walking the beach with garbage bags cleaning up the beach. The beach and the ocean are an extremely important part of their identity and that’s one of the reasons I love it so much here.

Plan D of the day is that Carlos la Pescada has supposedly found us a $50/month unlimited internet plan but we have to go to Liberia to get the deal so more adventure abounds. Haven’t taken lot’s of photos though I did see 2 crabs mating for the first time but here’s what I have backlogged.  I also saw the 2 parrots but they were pretty elusive. They have such a unique call. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some shots of them because they are so beautiful. The monkeys actually were in Cecilia’s yard but once again it was a low light situation so I only got a couple of good pictures. I can’t stress enough that if you love wildlife, this has to be one of the best places in the world to witness it.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and enjoy the holidays. I’m going swimming 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy Quatro de Julio

  1. svshameless says:

    QUOTE: “I’m up at 6:30 every morning and I walked over to the neighbor’s deck that overlooks the water to take advantage of their wife…. ” WIFE? WTF MARTY? LOL Didn’t know you had it in ya!


    • friedfish says:

      And I would think anyone who prides themselves on being Shameless would applaud such behavior!! lmao my editor is on vacation


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