Eat, Swim, Sleep

I know Julia Robert’s round it in food, religion and love. I’m finding it in the food too but the swim and sleep part we’re heading in different directions.

The daily swimming is so therapeutic and I’m actually joining Carlos la Pescado part of the way out on his swims now. Working up to going all the way.

Took a trip to Santa Cruz about 34 min south and talk about a riot. They just don’t believe in directional signs in the cities quite like the US which can be bad at times as well so the roads aren’t very well marked and we kinda got lost in Santa Cruz. My friends Carlos and Angélica giving me left, right, forward directions which I was clueless to. Not driving left and right haven’t been that important so I didn’t know izquierda was left and direcho was right. We laughed so hard and it was a blast. On the drive back we came across this spectacular Valley Plains but there was too much traffic and I didn’t have my good camera. I will go back as it was breathtaking! Going to check out a really cool volcano possibly on Thursday.

I’m really feeling like I’m about to bust out on the Español! The basics are really starting to come to me now but I still have a long ways to master it. It’s been a pleasure and learning from. others has provided so many wonderful experiences.

No photos as the neighbor with the wifi and wife are taking advantage of their own wifi.
Hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you in August! Buenos noches! Que la vaya bien!

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