The abundance of wildlife here is astounding. There aren’t very many mammals in this part of the country. There is a small white tail deer a bit larger than a goat but I’ve yet to see one in the wild. The squirrel is probably the most abundant besides the howler monkeys. I can hear them from time to time in my new place but I’ve yet to see any here. Add insects, reptiles and birds to the equation and it’s another world. I was sitting out on my back patio watching the birds and gazing up at this giant Guanacaste tree when I notice a lizard about 18-24″ long perched up on a limb. When I came out later, his camouflage is so good I didn’t notice him at first.IMG_1490IMG_1491

While I’m watching this prehistoric specimen I noticed another one of the many squirrels right above me.IMG_1494

A bit later it started raining and I had the back door open and this guy kept wanting to come in the house to visit.

The next day I see a wasp on the concrete wall behind the apartment and he’s alive but he’s not acting and doing normal wasp things. When I looked closer I could see why. The ants (hormigas) had a hold of him. He was still alive. What a way to go!IMG_1496IMG_1497IMG_1498IMG_1499IMG_1500

Woke up this morning and found this guy. He didn’t seem very healthy for some reason but another example of the variety of life that lives here.20160724_084349.jpg

I saw one of these birds closer yesterday and the light on his back wing feathers was multicolored and beautiful. In this shot the light isn’t very good but you can see the unique looking tail feathers he has. The guanacaste tree behind my apartment is a small micro ecosystem. Hopefully I’ll get some shot’s when the light is right so you can see his beautiful colors. How about the tail feathers on that bird?!?!?IMG_1502



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