Funny Story

I drove Carlos to his Mother and Father’s house which is about 2 hours away up near a volcano. Sorry but I can’t remember the name of it. I’ve been told there are 14 volcanoes in Costa Rica. They actually use the geothermal from the volcanoes to produce electricity. There were also many wind turbines scattered about. I’m not positive but I think this is where Costa Rica gets almost all of it’s electricity. No fossil fuels or very little if any. It was a nice drive. The countryside is lush and a lot of it is being used for agriculture. When we got to his folks house his mother is this short little lady with a big smile. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek for bringing Carlos to see her. His father was there also and both of them are really nice people. She asked was I hungry but I could tell that whether I was hungry or not I was going to be getting some food. She whips up these delicious homemade tamales with big chunks of avocado picked fresh from the tree in their yard. It was actually delicious. The fruits and vegetables here have so much flavor and are some of the best I’ve ever had. Most of the time the produce I’m eating has just been picked in the last day or so. I’ve never eaten so much fruit in my life! After a bit, Carlos’s brother, his wife and 24 yr old son show up. Really nice people! The mother is a doctor, the father is a nurse and the son is studying computer engineering in the university and spoke pretty good english. The father spoke a little english and he wanted to practice with me. He made a few sentences and I pointed out any errors he had made. Then he asks me “Do you ever buy any whores?” I was shocked! I started saying “nunca (never/none)” over and over. No, no, no, no, nunca!!! This is a very religious family and we are all sitting here and I’m flabbergasted that he just asked me if I buy any whores!!! They wanted to know why I was reacting so strongly to his question. Caballo is horse in espanol and he was asking me if I bought horses. I had to explain that there is a word in english for a prostitute called whores that sounds exactly like horse and what I heard was “do you buy whores?”. Best language mishap yet! Needless to say there was a lot of laughter. Carlos’s father has Alzheimer’s and they are constantly testing his memory by asking him questions like “what day is it?”, “how many children he has?”, etc. A really nice family! When we left, everyone stood up and Carlos’s older brother said a prayer. Most of you know where I stand on this subject but it was pretty special none the less. Below are a few pictures from the drive. Didn’t take a lot of pictures since I was driving and my good camera’s battery is dead since someone forgot the charger on the boat.

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