Rodeo Costa Rica Style

I drove to Santa Cruz on Monday to meet up with my friend Silene. She’s one of the students in the university that I met when I was living with Cecilia. I’m really impressed with Silene. She is majoring in ecotourism management and hopes to one day be the director of some sort of business related to the ecotourism industry. Obviously, Costa Rica is the perfect place for her decision. Santa Cruz is a 40 min drive to the south and has a population of 60,000. July 25th is the celebration of the Annexation of Guanacaste which happened in 1824 when the Guanacaste province which I currently reside in seceded from Nicaragua. It’s given great importance because it is a large province and it’s felt that it gave Costa Rica much of it’s culture today. Seline said we were going to a bullfight. My first thought was that I didn’t want to see any bulls killed but I didn’t want to be rude and I thought “when in Rome………..”. Fortunately it turned out to be a translation error as it was just a bull riding event. It was unlike any rodeo I’ve ever been to though! Here’s some video from the event. They don’t have a few clowns like in the us, but there are lots of people to distract the bulls. There was also a ruckus that started up behind the bleachers we were sitting in that I’ve added a video of. I only caught the tail end of it on video. I’ve seen it in the movies but this was the first time in real life I saw a guy grab a bottle and bust it to use as a weapon. Quite an entertaining day to say the least.


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