They Call Me Marteen!

Marty isn’t a very common name here so I’ve adopted Martin which is common and it’s pronounced Marteen! I don’t know why but I really like my new name. It goes with my new life. Haven’t taken a lot of pictures because I haven’t really gone anywhere new lately. There is a gal that comes to my apartment and cleans, cooks, does my laundry and helps me with my Espanol 4 hrs a day 5 days a week. She has really helped me to learn how to eat cheaply here and more importantly she is really helping me with my pronunciation and helping me to remember all the words necessary to carry on a conversation. After she leaves I’ll run any errands I need and then head back to my apt to study Espanol. On many evenings I’ll go with Carlos or by myself to the beach and will take a 40 min or better swim. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful sunsets while we were swimming and the water temperature is just perfect.

I’ll be arriving in Portland on Aug 13 @ 11:06 pm. This will be my first time returning to the USOA in just over 10 months. I’m somewhat expecting sensory overload and I know I’m going to freeze at night. The low here is often higher than the high there. I was always cold in Washington and I’ve never been cold here so it will be an interesting experience to say the least.

I should have my old telephone number working once I arrive in Denver barring any technical difficulties and would love to hear from and see as many of you as possible when I get to Longview. Until then buenas suertes! good luck 😉

2 thoughts on “They Call Me Marteen!

  1. woody says:

    Hey Marty its Woody I retired to I’m lovin it is like to come down and visit you. Maybe show me around a little. I’ve never felt better. I bet your lovin life!


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