Anyone Missing A Couple Of Horses

wp-1475020881088.jpgSaw these two guys meandering down the street in Sardinal tonight. I see a lot of horses along side the road grazing but they are usually tied off or there is someone holding a bridle. There didn’t to appear to be anyone in control of these two though. At some point and time I’m going to get a mount for my GoPro because some of the things I see while I’m driving are interesting to say the least. Be it a herd of cattle, 3 or 4 people on a motorcycle or a bicycle or any number of things that I’ve never seen before.

It’s really hard for me to believe that I’ve been back almost a month now. I used to think time was flying by but now it seems to have accelerated. I lose days at a time on a regular basis if I don’t have some reason in the future to keep track of the days. I’ll think it’s Monday and then come to find out it’s Wednesday or Thursday.

The weather is definitely changing. Lot’s of clouds almost everyday. Haven’t had a lot of rain yet but I know it’s coming soon. Carlos tells me that it will rain until Nov 15 then it stops and we’ll start the dry season. The equivalency of the summer school break in the states is in December and part of January here. Then the rains stop, the kids and the tourism goes back to the norm which is just foreigners. I don’t see how it can be any worse than winters in the Great Northwest. At least it will be warm. I did some research and the lowest temperature ever here was 62 degrees. In San Jose which is in the central part of the country and a higher elevation saw 55 degrees. Can you imagine never feeling temperatures below 62 degrees?!?! Sounds awesome to me! Hope everyone is well.

It’s A Jungle Down Here

I don’t know what it is but I love seeing these guys. I should probably do some research as to what exactly they are but I’ve just been overwhelmed with stuff to do. It’s been pretty cloudy most days but the temperature is great. We had an 8 hr downpour a few days ago and I think it gave me an idea as to what the rainy season is going to be like. 

Ahhhh Costa Rica

Happy to say I’m back! I’ve come to the realization that I definitely prefer being too warm as opposed to too cold. I really felt the humidity the first day I got back but I feel like I’ve reacclimated rapido. I’ve spent several long days on the beach and several long swims just before sunset which is where I’m heading as soon as I post this. Haven’t taken any pictures and haven’t seen any new critters. Pretty boring to be honest.

Pretty nasty tropical storm heading for my friends Carolina and Chuy up in the Sea of Cortez where I’d be had plans not changed. Keep your fingers crossed for them Shameless jente from Oregon.Cabo La Paz Hurricane Watch

Wish you all well!