Ahhhh Costa Rica

Happy to say I’m back! I’ve come to the realization that I definitely prefer being too warm as opposed to too cold. I really felt the humidity the first day I got back but I feel like I’ve reacclimated rapido. I’ve spent several long days on the beach and several long swims just before sunset which is where I’m heading as soon as I post this. Haven’t taken any pictures and haven’t seen any new critters. Pretty boring to be honest.

Pretty nasty tropical storm heading for my friends Carolina and Chuy up in the Sea of Cortez where I’d be had plans not changed. Keep your fingers crossed for them Shameless jente from Oregon.Cabo La Paz Hurricane Watch

Wish you all well!

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh Costa Rica

  1. Bart says:

    Great to final catch up on your new life and sorry I missed you while you were back in the states. I don’t get on here much due to bad time management. Lol
    So glad you’re given up the boat that always had me worried for your safety with all the weather changes. So Costa Rica is your new home which sounds like a great place. Stay in touch


    • friedfish says:

      Hola Bart! Don’t worry about the time management! I don’t have a job or any responsibility to speak of and I have trouble with time management! Happy to hear from you and thanks for the nice thoughts. Hope you, Vicky and the boys are all doing well. Warm regards,


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