Long Time No Habla


Kattia, Martin and Liz






Mi mismo

Hola mi amigos! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything cause to be quite honest I really haven’t done that much new and exciting. I finally started getting bored so I’ve been walking around Coco and a few days ago I met 3 great ladies that work in gift shops and they want to learn English and since I want to practice my Spanish it’s a perfect fit. These gals are so awesome and love to laugh and joke. Today I bought a pizza and we devoured that puppy lickity split. Really looking forward to getting to know them better and improving my Espanol in the process. It’s supposed to be the rainy season but it really hasn’t been happening yet. There were a couple of days that we got quite a bit of rain but it’s been back to normal the last week or so.